Heaven On Ice


ShakShield will help keep you warm and dry


Paradice Fishing

The ShakShield

It's light, it's tough, and it works!


Thermal barrier

By covering the whole floor you create a thermal barrier so the warm air will stay as low as 1/2" over the ice.

Using the toughest commercial vinyl available on the the market for the top and bottom layers, we create a mat that is flexible and strong.

It's in the middle

A closed foam core is our secret weapon. We deflect the heat up, while keeping the cold down



We have tested hundreds of materials before the final design to get the lightest, toughest full-floor ice mat on the market.

Put the holes where you want them


A template for each fishing hole is provided, along with sealing tape to make sure that your ShakShield will stay waterproof for years to come.


A size to fit any house.